Portland Blazing Through Nba

Portland is a city of basketball again. Rip City, or something very close to it, is back. And get there won t be enough for this team. One of the youngest, deepest, most of the teams that threaten the West, the Trail Blazers have the stuff to go deep into the playoffs. Thus, while the NBA continues to reel, Portland rocks. Winding up a crowd is reacting to a Trail Blazer game as if it were May, not in November. The Blazer, physically closer to what Seattle has a NBA team is marching toward the playoffs for the first time since 2002-03. A buzz is back to Rose Garden. Portland is back.

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Taylor Likes To Know The Dish On Celebs

I like to go on and Just Jared Perez Hilton and see what under way with celebrities. I go on all the blog of time, said the singer. While many celebrities who say they avoid reading tabloid fodder, Taylor Swift admits to checking out some of the websites snarkiest. I like to have things to talk. I m very makeup chair to talk to people and I m like, Well, you ve heard that so and so was dating so-and-so and that were seen last night and ordered salads? .

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Britney Spears Almost 27 Feels Like An Quot Old Person Quot O Rly

And not necessarily in a good way. I feel like an old person now , says a Rolling Stone next issue of Good Friday. Britney Spear, who just jetted off to Europe to begin his international Circus tour, said she Rolling Stone really matured over the last few years. I do! I go to bed at, like, 9:30 every night, and I do not t go out or anything. .

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Robert Downey Jr Injured On Sherlock Holmes Set

Robert Downey Jr was reported punched to the floor, while shooting his latest film. It went flying and was out cold. L actor is currently doing Guy Ritchie Sherlock Holme. He didn t want to go to hospital and kept trying to get up. HES a Trooper. It was accidentally caught on the chin by a thundering hook, a source told The Sun. Robert, 43, was revived by doctors and all necessary internal points of his mouth. And to adapt during a fight scene was said to have been eliminated by an extra 350 pounds.

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Lil Wayne Quot Takes Shots At 50 Cent Quot On New Mixtape

Rapper Lil Wayne items sparked a feud with 50 Cent after making derogatory comments apparently aimed to In Da Club star on a new Mixtape. The Lollipop hitmaker seems to take lyrical Jabs at his rival on a freestyle rap called Louisianimal from his drought is over Mixtape..

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